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someone who will lick semen out of a vagina
It doesn't mater what gender you are, if you eat'z the cream piez then you're bisexual
by fruitermelon February 24, 2008
men: when claiming they are bisexual, they really mean they're full homosexual

women: when claiming they are bisexual, they want a womans attention but will only love men and end up with a man
Bisexual woman: Straight w/ an exception
Bisexual man: Homosexual but needs a cover, or confidence
by Jazzy420 October 21, 2010
1. A made up word that attention-seeking teenage girls call themselves in order to get guys to fuck them in the ass.

2. A gay guy who rightly doesn't want to get bullied for coming out of the closet.
1. Typical bisexual girl: "hi mi name is jessi, im 16 and bi :p do u like me yet??"

2. Typical bisexual male: "Steve, do you have a girlfriend yet?" "Well I don't want to get beaten up or murdered for being the way I am biologically... so yeah, her name's Stacy."
by Fake name #345196 January 10, 2011
Bisexual means a person who is attracted to both the male and female sex. In recent years, it has been used by many so-called "punk rock" artists to describe themselves because it sells records. Teenage girls, who notoriously like gay guys, think "OH MY GOD HE'S GAY BUT I COULD STILL GET LAID BY HIM!" Hence the record sales. People guilty of this faggotry include Gerard Way, Billy Joe Armstrong, and that one guy from The Used.
Stupid teenage girl: Like OH MY GOD! GERARD WAY IS BISEXUAL! OH MY GOD!
Smart Teenage Girl: *slaps girl 1*
by Kurt F October 27, 2007
1. To be sexually and emotionally attracted to both genders.

2. A fad. Many girls, especially teenage girls, say they're bisexual because they somehow think it makes them cool.
Not only do I like Charlotte, I also like Charlie.
OMG!!!1 I'm BISEXUAL!!!!!1 LOOOK AT ME!!!!!
by Maplin July 15, 2005
A person who decides they want to be more than just one sex only like say a girl fell in love with her bestfriend because she was a lot better than a guy but still loved another guy.That is being bisexual
Kera loved Allison
Kera loved Josh
That is being bisexual
by Kayhill January 24, 2006
A breed of female who have realized that they actually like to kiss girls. But really, only when they are drunk. Finding ways to impress their boyfriends, they decide to make out with another girl; fickle hoes.
"I kissed a girl at that party last night...I....I kind of liked it...I think I'm bisexual...teehee"
by symphony1110 October 30, 2009