Someone who is attracted to people of the two genders (so they aren't attracted to nonbinary people or transgender people). It does not, however, mean they fall in love with everyone they say.
Bob: I'm so bipolar, I can't decide which gender I'm attracted to.

Peter: No, that's bisexual.
by Rachel Leigh April 12, 2015
A person who is romantically and/or sexually attracted to both males and females.
Sally was dating Robert for a while, but they broke up. Now she's dating Jill. Sally can choose at any time to begin a relationship with person of the opposite gender, making her bisexual.
by shortn'sweet March 29, 2015
When you are hunting for the pussy

But also want the dick
Bisexual is when you swing both ways
by ThatNerdOverThere March 15, 2015
A person who takes full advantage of the sexual playing field, I.E. they "go both ways". These individuals are generally happier and way funner to hang out with.

Benefits of such a life style are generally over looked however. In truth if you only "go one way", no matter what direction you swing, your only open to about 50% of all accessible humpage. Basically meaning that all the possible sex you could be having is cut in half. That's like someone taking half your paycheck and tossing it out a car window while driving through a black neighborhood (not racist, just saying).

drop your phony inhibitions and learn to love your fellow man...or WOman if it do please ya.
Guy 1: What’s life without a little diversity? What would a slice of prime rib be if it was not complimented by a baked n' buttered potato?
Guy 2: Huh?
Guy 1: I'm bisexual
by Vinnyfrye April 24, 2009
When you sexually/romantically attracted to the opposite sex and the same sex.
Thomas constantly has to explain the difference between Pansexuality and Bisexuality.
Mia is a Transgendered Bisexual, but her girlfriend Tina is a Pansexual.
by PanicAtMySchoolCafeteria February 17, 2015
A person who is attracted to both genders. This is not the same as pansexuals as gender is irrelevant, typically bisexuals aren't attracted to gender fluid people whereas pansexuals are.
"Did you hear that Katie had a crush on Haley and Jack?"
"Yeah, but she is bisexual"
by randomqueer July 27, 2014
1. a person that will engage in either a homosexual or heterosexual relationship. BUT THERE IS A PREFERENCE: having no preference at all is called pansexual. True bisexuals will go either way, but for the fact that they enjoy certain aspects of that gender (ex. penis, vagina...). pansexuals actually don't care at all and take no care in physical aspects, they only care about emotional. don't confuse the 2.

2. what bisexual isn't:

- over-sexed individuals looking to hump anything and EVERYTHING

- teenage girls that will make out with other girls so they can look "hot"

- whores (save a few of us)

-confused. there's a difference between being gay/lesbian/bisexual and being confused. teenagers just need to chillax...
1. "Hey, is he still going out with his girlfriend?"
"Nah, he dumped her for his new boyfriend."
"Is he gay?!"
"Nah, man, he's bisexual."

2. "Did you see her making out with that chick?!?!"
"Yeah and?"
"She's bi, dude! That's so fecking hot!"
"Dude, she's straight, and her desperate attempts are obviously working..."
by Call me Skeez May 22, 2009

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