Reading some of the above answers showed a rather entertaining mix of beliefs concerning bisexuality, mostly just attacks on it vaguely disguised as definitions. I don't care about the fact that you can write well, it doesn't persuade me that I'm 'mentally ill' at all. Bisexuals, like me, are simply people capable of falling in love with people of either gender. It's a simple matter of love, and NOT a step towards being gay. I acknowledge the fact that there are a lot of people out there who claim to be bisexual when they're really straght/gay/lesbian, but the majority of these are attention seekers. I am NOT to be classed in this category; if I was an attention seeker, everyone would know. I haven't told more than two people in the whole world so far, excluding all the people reading this. And, contrary to popular opinion, bisexual people can hold down relationships with one person at a time. They don't find the need to run off and have sex with the first good looking person they meet. That person is a bigot, not a bisexual. Just because some bigots are bisexual doesn't mean that all bisexuals are bigots.

In conclusion, I'd like to say that bisexuality is a perfectly normal choice that, whether they like to admit it or not, almost 95% of the population of the world is sitting on.
I've always wanted children, ever since I can remember. I've fallen desperately in love with a girl, so deep that it hurts every time I see her. But I fantasize over men and prefer their bodies. I am bisexual - get over it.
by Bisexual Boy April 09, 2008
Someone with a very short lifespan, seeing as there are none over the age of 30.
Jane was a bisexual; she liked females and males, sadly she, like the other bisexuals, disappeared after reaching a certain age of maturity.
by Kelpha January 31, 2009
A word known to mean attraction to both sexes. For men it can also define an otherwise married/straight appearing man who enjoys being the receiver of oral sex by another male or the active partner in anal sex with another male.
Jack is married but gets bj's from and likes to screw Phil from time to time. He doesn't consider himself gay.
by Rod September 16, 2004
A convenient way to live, although it isn't much of a choice. Being bisexual usually comes naturally, and more often occurs in women than men because women are just more sexual than men in that way. You can, however, tell yourself that you are bisexual until you believe it and it may just happen.
I'm bisexual, therefore I am attracted to both males and females.
by shani lyric March 19, 2005
The idea that someone is attected to both male & females. This idea however is a myth and is usually only provoked by people trying to get attention or trying to be unique/different.

If you disagree - i hate you.
People are so fucking stupid that they think its cool to be bisexual.
by Satireduh October 30, 2009
bisexual: doubling your chance of a date on a saturday night
bisexual girl: he wont go out with me tonight, maybe she will instead
by that gurl January 19, 2006
1. people sexually open to both sexes.

2. people who assume physical attraction is directly related to sexual orientation.

2. gay men ashamed of being gay.
1. the girls you see in most of the porn you've been looking at.

2. if a girl finds herself thinking another girl looks good, she'll happily label herself as bisexual for the social status.

3. the guys you remember from school constantly reassuring to you that they have a real girlfriend, but still say they're bi.
by whitefeather August 05, 2005
halfway between acceptance and shame.
when does a gay man become a fag?
when they leave the room.

a joke told by "bisexuals" on the DL.
by SDR94103 December 10, 2008

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