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Reading some of the above answers showed a rather entertaining mix of beliefs concerning bisexuality, mostly just attacks on it vaguely disguised as definitions. I don't care about the fact that you can write well, it doesn't persuade me that I'm 'mentally ill' at all. Bisexuals, like me, are simply people capable of falling in love with people of either gender. It's a simple matter of love, and NOT a step towards being gay. I acknowledge the fact that there are a lot of people out there who claim to be bisexual when they're really straght/gay/lesbian, but the majority of these are attention seekers. I am NOT to be classed in this category; if I was an attention seeker, everyone would know. I haven't told more than two people in the whole world so far, excluding all the people reading this. And, contrary to popular opinion, bisexual people can hold down relationships with one person at a time. They don't find the need to run off and have sex with the first good looking person they meet. That person is a bigot, not a bisexual. Just because some bigots are bisexual doesn't mean that all bisexuals are bigots.

In conclusion, I'd like to say that bisexuality is a perfectly normal choice that, whether they like to admit it or not, almost 95% of the population of the world is sitting on.
I've always wanted children, ever since I can remember. I've fallen desperately in love with a girl, so deep that it hurts every time I see her. But I fantasize over men and prefer their bodies. I am bisexual - get over it.
by Bisexual Boy April 09, 2008
nothing wrong with that. more meaningful then being gay, and more funner then being straight. you can please everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!
nothing wrong with being bisexual. everyone is in their teenage years
by sebastoin pequot February 07, 2007
A person that is gay and strait.
Attracted to both genders.
by W/e March 24, 2005
People who are wayyy too horny for their own good...
that girl is bi sexual because she likes pussy and cock.
what a bi sexual.
she is such a bi sexual.
by benew January 25, 2009
what most of my school think they are but they just say it to fit in.

but its the liking of both sexes ;

like omg shes bisexual so im like, bisexual OMGZZ lets date!!
by mandaaaaa July 05, 2006
none existant.

you are either gay or you are not.

unless your name is Sean neef. then you justa butt pirate.
everyoone claming to be bisexual
by gandolfthetangerine May 02, 2008
A gay guy who has sex with women sometimes.
Pedro claims to be "bisexual" because he's hooked up with girls... what a homo.
by Sean1 October 01, 2007
-a cool way to say that you are hot to both guys and girls

-a cool way to say you like guys and girls

-you're confused about your sexuality

-what i am
straight boy: that bisexual guy is hot!!!!!
straight girl: I thought you were str8?
straight boy: dude, he is like as hot as a girl, it doesn't matter (hard on in his pants)
by someone out there is gonna get me October 11, 2006