I word which means someone who is attracted to members of both sexes.Being bisexual does not nessecarily mean that someone only lusts after both genders for sex but it can also be genuine love for both a male and a female.
Bisexualism is looked down upon in society because people cannot accept it,since they live by tradition and tradition states that man must be with woman and vice verse.When in reality people can do what they fucking want and noone should be able to force they're judgement and make people scared of the world because of it.
But still bisexualism is also used as a means of attention grabbing.Mainly by young teenaged girls who think it's cool to be bisexual.Though they wouldn't nessicarily make out with a girl normally,they would do it for a guy just so that they can date/fuck him.This is one of the things that makes society even more intollerable of bisexual people and I think that girls who pretend to be bisexual should be looked down upon.I mean if you can't get a damn date just get over it and stop lying to people that you're something you're not.
I myself am a bisexual teenagers and everyone thinks I do it for fucking attention.If I wanted attention I'd fake a suicide bombing or jump of a building or some crap like that.
So in conclusion:Not all bisexual people are sex addicts/attention seekers/ungodly/ or whatever society has embeded into your mind that is stereotypical and messed up.They are regualr people with a different sexual orientation.Just get over it.
Thank you.End.
Joan:You know Tiff told John she was bisexual so he would sleep with her.
Emily: But Tiff told me she'd never be bisexual
Joan:She's just doing it for the attention
Emily:I bet

Jake: Hey mom I think I like my friend Ryder,but I really like this girl Lily.Is that wrong
Mother:Not at all.(And example of an adult who can accept her child's orientation.This doesn't happen alot.]
by f.o.r.s.a.k.e.n.l.i.l.y January 30, 2006
A person who has the capability to be sexually and/or romantically attracted to people of the same gender or to people of other genders.

This means a bisexual can be attracted to people who identify as transgender, gender fluid, agender, etc.
Being bisexual does not also mean they are into threesomes; that is a personal choice regardless of someone's sexual identity.

Being bisexual does not also mean they are unfaithful; that is a personal choice regardless of someone's sexual identity.
Although I'm female and I have a girlfriend, I do not identify as lesbian; I am bisexual.
by FaerieGrrl July 24, 2015
To have physical, sexual, and emotional attraction to both genders. It does not mean you're undecisive or that you're half gay and half straight. It most certainly does NOT make you're greedy. It just means that you have feelings for same and opposite genders.
Im bisexual
by King_C15 June 26, 2016
Someone who has a romantic feeling towards both genders. No, they aren't confused. No, they don't like everyone they see. If you're a total asshole, they're not going to like you.
"Look, it's a bisexual freak!"
Bi: "You homophobic asshole."
by Chara Winters June 26, 2016
the ability to be completely be immune to traps in anime, transgenders,cross dressers and to have the widest available of options for a mate as the individual is attracted to both sexes usually equally
bisexual ex
if i like you i'd fuck you regardless what you have between your legs.
by AnimatorMX May 15, 2016
Someone who is attracted to both men and women.
Ava has two crushes. She has a crush on a boy named Benjamin and a girl named Chloe. She is attracted to both sexes She is bisexual
by Swaggy Bi Girl May 25, 2016
Bisexual is when a person is attracted to two different genders

This does not restrict to male and female.
Ex: person being who is bisexual is attracted to females and people who identify as gender fluid
by Dewdropsandsnowflakes June 26, 2016
A person who likes male and females
Xavier is bisexual
via giphy
by Bisexualboy July 06, 2016
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