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I word which means someone who is attracted to members of both sexes.Being bisexual does not nessecarily mean that someone only lusts after both genders for sex but it can also be genuine love for both a male and a female.
Bisexualism is looked down upon in society because people cannot accept it,since they live by tradition and tradition states that man must be with woman and vice verse.When in reality people can do what they fucking want and noone should be able to force they're judgement and make people scared of the world because of it.
But still bisexualism is also used as a means of attention grabbing.Mainly by young teenaged girls who think it's cool to be bisexual.Though they wouldn't nessicarily make out with a girl normally,they would do it for a guy just so that they can date/fuck him.This is one of the things that makes society even more intollerable of bisexual people and I think that girls who pretend to be bisexual should be looked down upon.I mean if you can't get a damn date just get over it and stop lying to people that you're something you're not.
I myself am a bisexual teenagers and everyone thinks I do it for fucking attention.If I wanted attention I'd fake a suicide bombing or jump of a building or some crap like that.
So in conclusion:Not all bisexual people are sex addicts/attention seekers/ungodly/ or whatever society has embeded into your mind that is stereotypical and messed up.They are regualr people with a different sexual orientation.Just get over it.
Thank you.End.
Joan:You know Tiff told John she was bisexual so he would sleep with her.
Emily: But Tiff told me she'd never be bisexual
Joan:She's just doing it for the attention
Emily:I bet

Jake: Hey mom I think I like my friend Ryder,but I really like this girl Lily.Is that wrong
Mother:Not at all.(And example of an adult who can accept her child's orientation.This doesn't happen alot.]
by f.o.r.s.a.k.e.n.l.i.l.y January 30, 2006
Someone who is attracted to both sexes, however can sometimes prefer one more so than the other but still feel attraction for the other sex.

A greedy person.
Guy 1- "That Sophie was amazing last night, mate!"

Guy 2- "Come on!"

Guy 3- "You do know she was at it with Laura a few nights ago as well right? She's bisexual."
by Tattybojangle April 15, 2010
Being a person who is attracted sexually or romantically to both genders. People of the bisexual persuasion are not always looking for a lover of the samed gender. MAny Bisexual men are involved with woman, and as such with female bisexuals. A bisexual person does not ALWAYS have multi-gender orgies, thought it is not uncommon for such a situation to take place.
Anna's boyfriend is bisexual.

Adam's girlfriend is bisexual.

by Adam_bi_boy February 28, 2009
a word used to decribe someone who is only half gay. many people assceate bisexual negitivly. so the new term is half gay!
i am not gay, or bisexual, i am half gay.
by C.X.E wolf July 02, 2011
Bi stands for bismuth according to the periodic table of elements. You'll be sexually aroused with Pepto Bismol after trying it because bismuth contains toxic that you'll be tripping with.
Example 1:
Mack: Yo wants some ecstasy to get some sexy ladies?
Jim: Nah I'm Bi-Sexual. Pepto Bismol FTW!
Example 2:
Ryan: I'm sorry, Big Mac! I'm gonna be Bi-Sexual! You won't upset my stomach anymore, Big Mac!
by Marketkid February 28, 2011
someone who loves both guys =girls
like me :)
email me bisexual n lezz girls

person1# i love you kerry
person2# i love you too sally
person1# im bisexual are you?
person2# no im lesbian
by lorakaytee July 08, 2010
A person or animal (animal?!) who goes "PHROAWR LOOK AT HIS ASS" while looking somewhere else and again going " PHROAWR, HEY BABY" so, yep, they like a bit of both, its always good to have some variety in your life aint it, like differerent food, you might like vegatables (women) but you may need a bit of meat (men, duh) as well. they actually describe bisexualilty via veg/meat method in schools, OMG i know, its, like retarded, anyway, freddie mercury was bi, and he was cooler than cool, so was lord byron, so was every other sexual traveller. being bi would also probably mean your already getting TONS of the opposite sex already, so you want something a little (Quite a bit) different, so yea, bi's are getting more action than YOU. This makes them instantly cool. note, bi's have constant access to everything, and chances are, own there own nightclub. this isnt garrenteed though, because a good few of students and pupils are bi aswell, but chances are, there just confused and like a bit of modern art, note: when you were a child, if you knew a proper bi kid, then they were probably one of the coolest, with bits of innuendo and smart ideology to vaguely cover the sexual preferences and redevous.
#johhnny sticks hand down someones pants "EWW"
#cornelius sticks hand down someones pants "lovely"
#johhnny sticks hand down someones pants "thats swell!!"
#cornelius sticks hand down someones pants "lovely"
#cornelius sticks hand down someone elses pants "lovely"
#johhnny cries, for he did not like to much of what pants were on offer. picky. not for bisexual though
This word has been tainted in the last several years. Yes, there are some people who are genuinely attracted to both males and females, which is fine. There is also this MTV-styled movement among young people, particularly females, who feel the need to act this way in public just to earn some cheap attention from men (most likely they grew up with no father so this is what they do to fill that void). They will especially act it up in bars or any gatherings where males are plentiful. Being loud at the same time to make sure the people whose backs are turned happen to turn around is also a must. Of course they don't ever engage in such behavior with the same friends when not in public or if, say, older people happen to be around. It's just a convenience factor and it strokes their ego when men hoot and holler at them for selling out their dignity.
PuNkGrRrLnUmBeR1: Hey look, those guys are checking us out! Quick, kiss me and fondle my boobs!

PuNkGrRrLnUmBeR2: Oh kewl! That'll make them talk about us and whip out their camera phones! Let's do it!

Typical behavior of "bisexual" females in bars.
by Hellstud August 21, 2007