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Having the facial characteristic of an immense bottom lip, as if a whole biscuit were packed inside the lip like tobacco; a common characteristic of the Mississippi blue gummer, and jiggaboo alike. One who possesses the jaw structure of a Chinnook Salmon. Human example : Bubba Gump (Forrest Gump)
Honey, look at the biscuit lip over there! He must lose things in there all the time!
by Piglet/Donklet May 30, 2009
Lips that are abnormally large, mostly found on blacks. Symptoms of biscuit lips include: extreme inflation of both lips, unrecognizable speech paterns, and/or dark skin.
"What's wrong with Carl's face?"

"Nothing, it's just biscuit lips."
by k5 cook June 19, 2005
A nickname that connotes fondness, much like shitmuffin and assbiscuit; also, any sort of biscuit shaped like lips.
Look over here, biscuitlips.
by HAASespecial June 08, 2007