Having the facial characteristic of an immense bottom lip, as if a whole biscuit were packed inside the lip like tobacco; a common characteristic of the Mississippi blue gummer, and jiggaboo alike. One who possesses the jaw structure of a Chinnook Salmon. Human example : Bubba Gump (Forrest Gump)
Honey, look at the biscuit lip over there! He must lose things in there all the time!
by Piglet/Donklet May 30, 2009
Top Definition
Lips that are abnormally large, mostly found on blacks. Symptoms of biscuit lips include: extreme inflation of both lips, unrecognizable speech paterns, and/or dark skin.
"What's wrong with Carl's face?"

"Nothing, it's just biscuit lips."
by k5 cook June 19, 2005
A nickname that connotes fondness, much like shitmuffin and assbiscuit; also, any sort of biscuit shaped like lips.
Look over here, biscuitlips.
by HAASespecial June 08, 2007
1.A person with large quality lips

2.A person with dry big lips
1.My cousin Tyrone has biscuit lips he can barley keep them closed.
2.That guys lips are biscuit lips he needs some lip boom. Nah he need some gravy.
by TyroneBiggems July 22, 2016
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