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hot,fine,sexi beast, cant deny the person.
Why you are such a biscotti Paris.
by happybunnybiscuit November 04, 2005
25 14
A crisp or in other variations soft Italian cookie traditionally flavored with anise and often containing almonds or filberts. Commonly sold in Starbucks or other coffee shops.
"Oh hey, i am in Starbucks buying over priced coffee drinks, perhaps I will buy this biscotti to eat with it."
by Leslie Gutkin November 07, 2005
33 16
Some good ol' fashioned Disco Biscuits!
Can't wait for some Biscotti in like, a week!!!

Yeah man, Biscotti are the jam.
by fikrenator December 22, 2011
3 2
Gayer than two dicks touching.
All the loot off Deathwing, was so biscotti.
by Zsen December 08, 2011
1 4
Originally meaning "twice baked" in its homeland, this term for a coffee associated snack is applied to the after-baked feelings and effects of marajuana.
'Lets bounce, shall we?'
'sure, man, but you'd better drive, im sooo biscotti right now.'
by samjam February 06, 2008
4 10
A ridiculously convoluted way of snacking!
You eat a snickers with a knife and fork?
That's biscotti!
by snacker12 March 05, 2008
0 13