hot,fine,sexi beast, cant deny the person.
Why you are such a biscotti Paris.
by happybunnybiscuit November 04, 2005
Top Definition
A crisp or in other variations soft Italian cookie traditionally flavored with anise and often containing almonds or filberts. Commonly sold in Starbucks or other coffee shops.
"Oh hey, i am in Starbucks buying over priced coffee drinks, perhaps I will buy this biscotti to eat with it."
by Leslie Gutkin November 07, 2005
Some good ol' fashioned Disco Biscuits!
Can't wait for some Biscotti in like, a week!!!

Yeah man, Biscotti are the jam.
by fikrenator December 22, 2011
Gayer than two dicks touching.
All the loot off Deathwing, was so biscotti.
by Zsen December 08, 2011
Originally meaning "twice baked" in its homeland, this term for a coffee associated snack is applied to the after-baked feelings and effects of marajuana.
'Lets bounce, shall we?'
'sure, man, but you'd better drive, im sooo biscotti right now.'
by samjam February 06, 2008
A ridiculously convoluted way of snacking!
You eat a snickers with a knife and fork?
That's biscotti!
by snacker12 March 05, 2008
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