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A spanish slang for the female anatomy.
Also a common word for your good friend.
Actually spanish for biscuit.
Man, thers's nothing better than a good biscocho in bed!
by Hunk Bergundy August 20, 2007
67 77
1.A handsome latin person
Mira esta chica biscocho
by tomasito August 21, 2006
91 59
This word has more than one meaning;

1. In Mexico it means Pussy.

2. In Puerto Rico it means Cake.
Mi amor dejame metertelo en tu biscocho.

My love let me stick it in your pussy.

Puerto Rico;
Yo me voy a comer este biscocho.

I am going to eat this cake.
by Peloton73 July 01, 2013
5 4
Slang for handsome in spanish

Spanish for biscuit
que biscocho!
by SandraS123 October 30, 2011
25 37