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A spanish slang for the female anatomy.
Also a common word for your good friend.
Actually spanish for biscuit.
Man, thers's nothing better than a good biscocho in bed!
by Hunk Bergundy August 20, 2007
1.A handsome latin person
Mira esta chica biscocho
by tomasito August 21, 2006
This word has more than one meaning;

1. In Mexico it means Pussy.

2. In Puerto Rico it means Cake.
Mi amor dejame metertelo en tu biscocho.

My love let me stick it in your pussy.

Puerto Rico;
Yo me voy a comer este biscocho.

I am going to eat this cake.
by Peloton73 July 01, 2013
Slang for handsome in spanish

Spanish for biscuit
que biscocho!
by SandraS123 October 30, 2011