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slang term for "bitch" in a more friendly way..
<jim> "whazup bisch?"
by r3d December 27, 2004
A slang word meaning oral sex or blow job predominately used by 12-15 year olds who have never actually received one but talk about it so much that they needed a shorter word then bj. Also used by parents when reading bj in their son or daughter's text message but don't really know what it is.
A: Hey d00d michelle is a bit of a slut huh?

B: Ya she's such a slut i heard she gave robert a bisch
by bischboy August 31, 2008
Friendly form of bitch. Usually between two females that are really close socially.
Hey bisch, lookin' good today!

Dang Brittany! You're such a bisch! Haha, just kidding girl! Love you...
by Spaghetti Yhetti September 12, 2016
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