intensely or violently bitchy
Girl 1: "Oh my god Cappie just dumped her bf and is now going out with Brittni's ex-boyfriend."

Girl 2: "Oh my god, that's so birthy!"
by Elza Dinwiddie-Boyd March 11, 2008
Top Definition
adj: something or someone who is shady, sketchy, fringe, a wingnut, or otherwise suspect. Also generally corny or describing a person who is a racistcracker (derived from the Obama birther conspiracymovement)
That idea is so nuts, its down right "birthy"
Hey nuckledragger, stop being so damn "birthy"
Having the confederate flag in your bedroom is so f-ing "birthy"
Hey, birthy, birthy, birthy (say it to birthers and tea-baggers wherever they gather)
by moonistea July 31, 2009
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