Another word for period.
"Dude, why are you so pissed?"
"Its my freakin birthday!"
by stephmey July 10, 2008
One day in year, when people are not being a douche to you.
Teacher: Allright, I won't bother you today, cuz it's your birthday
Student: Thanks
Teacher: Tomorrow, I'm gonna start ripping on you
by mshd94 November 29, 2011
The day some one was born
Today's your Birthday!
by dillyboo April 05, 2016
A day that I I arrived at school at EXACTLY 7:00am and D'anne Kigler forgot to wear as kermit the frong shirt-but it still turned out well :)
Jan 19th 2011 is MY Birthday (like if we were born on the SAME day!)
by jecklynnn January 19, 2011
The day I celebrate being one year older.
So many friends and family no longer have this small luxury that I feel blessed each and every year that I have another birthday.
by dragongirl702 January 16, 2009
1. The day I thank my parents for
2. The day I buy my parents gifts instead of the traditional way
3. Pretty much just another day that is celebrates the pain your mother went through.
4. Otherwise, a day you celebrate that you havn't died in the last 365 days
1. Its my birthday, thanks dad and mom for giving my life
2. It doesn't make sense for my parents to give me gifts on my birthday.
3. Yay, my birthday, my mom went through so much pain today, lets celebrate
4. Yes, I did it again.
by lovemomndad November 08, 2009
The day you come out of your mother's vagina, and where each year on your birthday, your is 1+, unlike the pretty vampires who do not age anymore, completely frozen.
Girl: Happy Birthday sister!

Alice Cullen: Happy Birthday Bella!
Bella: No way! I stopped aging 3 days ago!
by Bubblishxtreme July 07, 2009
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