1) The day of your birth.
2) The final step in procreation.
3) The day you were shat into existence.
1)It's Jim's birthday today! Let's celebrate the day he was a slimy ball of fleshy meat sliding out of his mother!
by SSBrando January 15, 2009
the day signifying that you're another year closer to your eventual and innevitable decay.
Fuck, its my birthday.
by yournamecantbeblank February 24, 2009
expelled from a safe, warm environment into a cold, wicked world to live with pain, suffering, frustration, pedophiles, rapists, murderers, disease, poverty so you can die......
by psychoesthesiac July 07, 2010
the one time of year when all the random kids from 8th grade feel like they should post on your wall because they'll be a good person. in reality, no one gives a shit.
Jane Doe posted on your wall "happy birthday (;"

your reaction: WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?!
by justadumbhuman September 03, 2012
the day i popped out of my moms vagina

"dude its your birthday!"
by dshiznit588 March 30, 2009
The day i wore a flange hat!
Wow can you remember this mum.. twenty years ago i wore your flange hat!! Happy Birthday to me!
by Trazgoth September 16, 2009
The one day each year when you celebrate (nine months late) that time I banged your mom.
Happy birthday, kid. I banged your mom.
by Spanky mckockleberry January 27, 2010

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