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The week surrounding one's birthday when they SHOULD get any wish they desire and all of their friends and family should bow to all of their whims of fancy.
My birthday week was awesome, my family bought me a new car and all I had to eat was pies.
by KylJL May 01, 2007
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The week after one's birthday, when they transform into a major diva for a whole week. During this period, the "Birthday Diva" as they are referred to receive everything they wish, and do things that are outrageous. This is extremely serious during a 16th Birthday.
Jack- Has anyone noticed Michele has been a total bitch ever since her party last Tuesday?
Bill- My brother told me its called a Birthday Week, when a person goes into a diva rampage for a whole week...
by twojscanthurt June 13, 2011
when ones birthday falls upon a friday, they get the entire week to celebrate. thus calling that week, 'birthday week.' this is a rare occasion and should be relished by all those who are able to experience it.
guys, my birthday is next friday, get ready for birthday week!
by lilac rose May 16, 2011

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