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A smoothie-like concoction, made of one whole pear, Malibu rum, fresh pineapple, and lots of vodka. It may also contain bananas, Cointreau, milk, apples and tequila. Birthday juice is best served at room temperature and the birthday juice maker must ride the pony while using the blender. Serve in Solo cup.
Kato could not wait to get that birthday juice. But the birthday juice maker would not quit riding the pony and stop the blender. When he finally did stop riding that pony, Kato took that birthday juice and said, "kthnx".
by Male Kyzer October 19, 2007
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Sperm or Squirt produced while participating in a 69 on your birthday.
"Duuuudddeee, you should of seen the birthday juice I laid on Chelsea last night."
by lola lofenagle July 10, 2009

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