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a number that is huge it is a billion to the power of a billion a billion times
a billion times a billion times a billion etc a billion times which equals a birrion
by the overseer78956760983706 May 18, 2011

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birria maximus birria
(n.) One who devotedly follows the teachings of Maximus Birria despite severe physical hazards; such as angry mothers, falling roofs, towering inferno, and blindness. These disciples of birria drink copious amounts of coffee to the point of causing hazardous sickness to the human body. Symptoms include: Twitching, cross-eyedness, stuttering, and frequent use of "L337" language.
- Don't be such a birrión, your eyes are touching the floor from all the birria!

- No villain can hurt me because I'm a true birrión; I believe Maximus Birria will protect me!
by Edgardo Jaen, Bruno Torres August 26, 2005