A game played my high school students. To make the hand sign necessary you must make your forefinger and your thumb into a circle, turn your hands toward your face, and place your circles finger and thumb to your eye with your other fingers pressed to the sides of your face; almost like a mask. When you do this action to someone the recipient must immediately stop what they’re doing and lay on the ground, making sure both shoulder blades touch the floor, before they can continue with their business. To block this attack you make an “ok” sign with your hands and place it to your eye, but if you look at it before you block it you must still lie down. If you see someone about to attack and you’re within reaching distance you are allowed to hit/punch/jab them in the side in retaliation.
boy-"Yeah, he went up for a Birdman but i jacked him in his side. He totally deserved it too, i dont want to lay down on that nasty floor!"
by animartchic May 29, 2009
The nickname of pro skater Tony Hawk, also the name of his company I think... And an old comic book superhero... Had a tv show in the 60's or 70's maybe the 70's...
by OmnipotentSeal June 14, 2003
Wooah...look at that birdman
by smokers anonymous January 11, 2003
Birdman is Tony Hawk, not the stupid rapper Baby or aka Number One Stunner (whatever that is). Tony Hawk went by the name Birdman before Baby was even famous.
Check it out! Birdman just did a 900 indy again!
by ohhhsjk April 20, 2005

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