Noun: A person who looks like a bird.
Verb: making "ca-CRAW" sounds in quiet social situations, making the moment as awkward for other participants as humanly possible.
Adjective: A hobo who amuses him/herself by making bird noises in time to the music of street buskers.
Adjective: A girl who enjoys thai food, crawing at strangers, and dressing like a highlighter.
"That hobo is a real birdman"
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by bella birdman August 23, 2006
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Top Definition
a person who deals large amounts of cocain
yo that birdman is making some serious cash
#doughboy #dealer #byrdman #skeet skeet #nigga
by matt mckenna March 15, 2006
The Birdman is a rapper hailing from New Orleans herself. He is the owner/president of Cash Money Records. He was Co-President with his brother Solja Slim, before he was killed. He is also known as Hood Rich or Baby, and is half of the group Big Tymers with Mannie Fresh. He has three solo albums out; which are Birdman (2002), Shyne On (2004), and Fast Money (2005). Mannie Fresh & Birdman (Big Tymers) have 5 albums out; which are: How U Luv That? (1998), How U Luv That? Vol. 2 (1998), I Got That Work (2000), Hood Rich (2002), Big Money Heavy Weight (2003). And just recently, he released an album with Lil' Wayne entitled Like Father, Like Son (2006), with the single "Stuntin' Like My Daddy".
"Gotcha car play gems on shine, said its mine, get a mink, baby girl lets ride. You the Number 1 stunna, and we gonna glide, and go straight to the mall, and turn out the inside. Prowler Gucci full length leather, Burbons cooler, coogi sweater..." <--- Part of Birdman's verse

Song: Still Fly
Album: Hood Rich
Artist: Big Tymers (Birdman & Mannie Fresh)
#birdman #baby #hood rich #cash money #cash money millionaire #big tymers
by Platinum_Whyte October 05, 2006
The term to describe a major cocaine supplier, also used as the stage name for Cash Money CEO & Rapper Bryan "Birdman aka. Baby" Williams....

In the Mid-To-Late 1980's, Williams was known as "The Birdman" or "B-32 (Baby With The 32 Golds) He was rumored to be one of the biggest cocaine dealers in Uptown New Orleans until he was arrested in 1986, at the time he was caught with so much cocaine that he was sentenced to life in prison, but in 1988, Williams' sentence was pardoned and the case was dismissed Rumor is that Birdman's brother Ronald aka. "Slim" paid Edwin Edwards, the Governor of Louisiana at the time, five hundred thousand dollars in cash to overturn the conviction.
"Birdman got them things for ten-a-key, he lettin em flock"

"I'm the Birdman daddy I fly in any weather"
#birdman #cash money #bird man #baby #stunna #lil wayne
by CMJR October 30, 2007
Often a term used for a drug dealer
Yo man where the birdman at?
#bird man #birdman #b-man #birdy #big pete
by This April 04, 2006
A total tank that plays for the Denver Nuggets. Also reffered to as Chris The Birdman Andersen.
Dude Birdman just stuffed you
#birdman #chris andersen #nuggets #denver #bird #man
by anuggetsfanbirdman April 19, 2009
An obnoxious "rapper" from New Orleans. He fails to finish any sentence he starts and "puts his life down for his son" apparently. His face looks as if it were bashed in at birth and he just looks retarded. He makes an apperance in every lil wayne video. Just look for the person wearing sunglasses surronded by women he most likely drugged.
Clitus: I was watching the newest lil wayne video and there was this asshole in the back doing nothing.

Me: That was probably Birdman.
#faggot #asshole #nothing #crack #baby
by i done forgot December 25, 2011
Someone who is always creeping in the back of a production (i.e., a music video, group, play, etc.) who isn't really involved or doing anything productive but still acts like he's the main show.
"For real, who is that guy with the weird face who's in all these music videos? I've seen him in the background of probably fifty-plus music videos of over a dozen artists but he's never doing anything, just standing there smoking weed and rubbing his hands together."

"Wow, sounds like a real Birdman."
#bird man #artist #whodat #random #go away
by TheProphecy February 23, 2012
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