When someone at a friends house unzips their pants, revealing their male genitalia, running towards a bed, turning around, and making their penis flap up and down.
Keep your eye on the Birdy!
by meyagetman May 13, 2011
Just Released Out Of Jail,Prison,Penitentiary etc.
"yo, tell birdy welcome back home"
by joAmo April 16, 2008
a chick in ghetto termanalogy
nigga check those birdies ass' shit i no u wanna tap that
by cracka pleaseee February 28, 2003
that one hot girl that's stalking me
Oh, did you see birdy in the bushes last week? Damn she's hot!
by Nimmy October 20, 2003
name for a close firends, as in a buddy
Hey birdy, wanna go grab a beer at the pub?
by carp May 07, 2003
the act of 2 or more female on there knees eagerly looking up at u stroke your load into there open mouths
man last night i almost blinded one of my birdies
by lococabasa June 09, 2009
the definition of birdy is to be me
a guy or gal whos name is birdy
hey my names birdy im cool
by birdy December 19, 2003

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