A 60 something year old gal often likened to the trampy looking woman in Home Alone 2 who feeds the doves in Central Park often found to have bird feaces in her hair.
"There goes Bird woman they say she has a seed incrusted wound".
by Jps1983 December 17, 2011
Top Definition
also known as smeagle or butterface
a girl who is highly unnatractive and gives you thoughts of suicide at the sight of her.
could also be a an exgirlfreind that is disliked by you and all of your freinds.
ex who has been possesed by the devil and is trying to at all costs ruin your life.
birdwomen often posses huge extremely large noses. pinochio aint got shit on them.
often butterfaces look very doable compared to them.
bob: dude, hannah is such a bird woman i cant believe that u ever dated her

tyler: i know me either i am comletely repulsed by the sight of that bird woman. she has a huge nose

by harozrule January 17, 2009
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