BBBJTC and she swallows.
Does she do birdwatching?
by HeavyPooner April 29, 2005
Commonly referenced toward a guy in prison who hangs out within eyesight of the urinals to look at other males penises. Can also apply to the same activity being conducted in public areas where troth style urinals are employed.
Hey bro, mind your stick that fun boy is "bird watching." See him trying to act like that wall is the most fascinating thing thing in the world?
by Heathen Minded January 02, 2012
1) The act of disobeying a track (or XC) coaches orders and going for runs in trails, forests, mountains, or people's backyards for sport.

2) The act of observing flying beasts in the wilderness

3) To be extremely bored (See Def. #2)

4) The act of damming a river (See Def. #3)
Hayden and Brayden went birdwatching in the woods because they liked to build dams in the river.
by bigtrailrunner May 17, 2011
looking at a man's dick
That man be birdwatching.
by Bigg Dawg August 23, 2008
The act of smoking weed.
Girl "hey lets go birdwatching back in the woods tommorow"

boy "alright, ill supply the weed"
by Anonoymusssss November 24, 2006
Refers to a particular bird: the swallow. In reference to the above definition.
Birdwatching will cost you extra.
by Xylenz August 20, 2004
The act of smoking weed.
"hey man, tommorrow lets go birdwatching"
"alright...i'll supply the seeds"
by Anonoymussss November 24, 2006

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