The act of going to any public place and acting like an ass to see how many people will flip you off, before you leave.
Man I got so bored that I went down to walmart ,to go bird watching. I handed out pro abortion pamphlets. I saw 12 birds.
by Baron Chill Predictor Of Death February 03, 2011
Top Definition
Where several guys go out to spy out women.
"I went bird watching but only saw a few dogs"
by D-BUCK March 05, 2005
Observing or watching a group of good looking females
Man, I was at the club birdwatching...
by Kenneth Carino April 07, 2005
To swallow a man's ejaculate.
Think of the birds that visit San Juan Capistrano every year (hint: they are swallows).
Jay: Have you been with that girl at the club yet?
Bob: Not yet. Does she birdwatch?
by Renee November 12, 2003
Vancouver area slang for smoking cigarettes, popular in high schools due to it's subtlety.
"Wanna go bird watching at lunch?"
by Birdwatcher950 April 08, 2015
Constantly checking on Twitter.
Sarah was bird watching so much last night in hope of knowing about the Kardashians' latest love affairs. Even though no one really gives a fuck.
by swag14 October 20, 2011
To get high, or to smoke weed.
Hey guys wanna "bird watch"
Lets go for a walk so we can go "bird watching"
by birdwatcher. August 26, 2011
Commonly referenced toward a guy in prison who hangs out within eyesight of the urinals to look at other males penises. Can also apply to the same activity being conducted in public areas where troth style urinals are employed.
Hey bro, mind your stick that fun boy is "bird watching." See him trying to act like that wall is the most fascinating thing thing in the world?
by Heathen Minded January 02, 2012
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