Birdflu: (noun) pronounced: *B-heard Fl-Who*

An illness made of chicken, pigeon, vulture and do-do bird-esque features. It includes severe inner uglyness which in turn makes the outside appear hideous. Loud and obnoxious outbursts may occur if they are provoked. Provocation stems from scuffed Payless shoes, loose weaves,cocked eyes and apparently razor bumps.It is also said to be contagious.
"Man, that bitch must have Tucan Sam in her blood cuz she got the bird flu!!!"
by Blaque916 May 24, 2006
a state of intoxication
Lindsey was so drunk she told everyone she had bird flu to try to hide the fact that she was drunk. No one bought it.
by johnd July 18, 2006
Any form of sexually transmitted disease or infection resulting from the practise of casual unprotected sex.
Yo Andy, better remember to take protection tonight, you don't want to end up with birdflu!
by halooooom March 14, 2006
The latest Republican fear mongering talking point. Primary aim: Scare Americans with talk of pandemic in order to change the subject from Scooter Libby's indictment, Supreme Court nomination failure, Bush's approval rating at 38%, GOP decision to cut senior drug benefits, Karl Rove still under investigation, etc., etc.

Actually that's not true, but not able to reason for yourself you assume that it is. This is a real threat and George bush isn't just saying that it is. See scientific america, world health orgization. As for the original post of this see: Fucktard,asshat and BITCH!
I thought the "bird flu" was republican scare mongering!(Dies)
by Chris Mankey February 16, 2006

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