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A G ass walk dat only da pimps can do.
"daaamn tyrone you see dat nigga bussin off dat bird walk?"
by MIKEAL WILLIAMS September 22, 2008
20 57
a dance created from soulja boy which ironicly is hard to do but never stops you from looking like a jackass. also a link to becoming mentally unstable or retarded.
Man he can hit that bird walk. i wonder did he got high today?
by black amber1 November 17, 2008
64 17
A song by Soulja Boy. Also accompanied by a dance called the 'Bird Walk'.
"Watch me hit my bird walk!"
by Rickyy. October 09, 2008
24 12
A terrible new single by rap 'artist' Soulja Boy.
Random Chick: I'm gonna do the Bird Walk.
Me: Get the fu** out of my house.
by MikeHuntisawesome September 29, 2008
40 28
Contrary to popular belief it's a dance and song by S.O.L.O. da Pope that came out in 2006.

Soulja Boy just copied it.
"I jig, I snap, I roll, I bounce, a dance, my dance, new dance, Bird Walk."
by esco67 February 05, 2009
13 7
a person who walks with swag and is proud in what they do and you can see it in their attitude when they walk. (birdwalking has the same definition) this was made by the original person who created the definition for birdwalk(ing).
Look at Amber Dunkin Dohnut's struttin' her birdwalk !
by babiieeey March 12, 2009
13 18
It's a soulja boy's dance . as you see , it's a dance which soulja boy include some walks which look like bird's walk . soulja boy's arms are like a bird wings
watch me hit my birdwalk, watch me hit my birdwalk , watch me do it ... (soulja boy wants to show his new dance called birdwalk
by Yakuza_972 January 10, 2009
8 15