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when you have no control over your feelings. you could be the happiest kid in the world one minute, and suicidal the next. you feel like no one understands you and no one can help you.
bipolar kid:

(mom comes in to check on you when you're in your bed reading)
mom: "hi honey, just wanted to check on you!"
kid: "ok. close the door all the way when you go."
mom: (walks out and the door is still open a crack) "goodnight!"
kid: (has a screaming outburst and sobs for the next 10 minutes and cuts his or herself. then goes back to reading as if it never happened)

seriously. this happened to me last night.
by dfjkdf November 01, 2006
A crazy pychotic bitch!

Symptoms:annoying, contridicting yourself, loud, selfish, lack of personality.
if you are experiancing any of these symptoms ask your doctor for URGENT MEDICAL ATTENTION.

a side effect of being a bipolar crazy bitch is you may lose your friends.
Chelsea Ann Schaffer is a bipolar bitch. Because of her disease she has lost may friends.
by Finally Happy :) April 22, 2008
another word for a defective and moody asshole.

many fucktards have it..
I don't thank god!
quit being bipolar, you defective piece of shit
by Uberno21 October 31, 2005
A word often used to describe someone who is mentally ill or crazy. It can also describe someone who is acting mentally ill or crazy.
I was walking down the street, and I saw some bipolar guy talking to himself.
by bvar1033 January 13, 2007
a common side effect of having a vagina.
she has some aweful mood swings, its like she is bipolar.
by Tudang January 21, 2006
Edward Kuba is the most bipolar fucktard ever!!!!
(good day for ed)
ali - hey ed whats up
ed - nothing how about u?

(the next day not a good day "moodswing")
ali - what up ed how is your day
ali - you bipolar fucktard!
by David (BIG D) April 21, 2005