Something assholes use as an excuse to gain pity from their enemies and befriend them.
Asshole: Hey... I'm sorry about what happened yesterday. Im bipolar. :/
Guy: Oh, it's ok! I understand your pain.
by Discord0 March 09, 2013
Usually someone who is bi-polar is named anna; all annas are bi-polar
"hey whats up with her?"
"Her name is Anna"
"Don't you know all annas are bi-polar?"
"Oh yah i forgot"
by MyNaMeIsAnNa July 17, 2012
A person of polish decent or nationality that has openly expressed that they are bisexual.
person 1- did you hear that the polish kid in my science class is bisexual

person 2- Really!? He's bipolar ?
by wtfanonymous April 19, 2011
Finding yourself in a threesome with two guys and one girl
When my hand touched a penis that wasn't mine, I knew this threesome had become bi-polar
by Bav Bavaro July 07, 2010
changing from one attitude to its opposite attitude in a ashort period of time. being angry then getting happy after a minute or so.
She's so bipolar laughing now when she had almost broken a window due to her anger a while ago.
by JHEDEHBHE March 03, 2009
Being bipolar is like having PMS on LSD after drinking a litre of absynthe while giving birth and having your dick cut off. I know coz I have it. And its NOT funny...espesh as most shit doctors just dont get it and can lead to suicide. so if someones got it then they really do need your help.
Mania: bipolar girl sees guy she likes talking to another girl but really doesnt give a fuck and goes over to talk everyone.

Depression: bipolar girl sees guy she likes talking to another girl, she gets a panic attack, and runs away crying. She may go home and overdose, self-harm or binge on food alcohol, feeling suicidal - there is nothing left to live for.

In a few minutes, she feels completely fine again.

Scary, isnt it.
by lala777 August 07, 2006
a girl who can't decide if she is bisexual or not; frustrating
Ex: Why won't she just have a threesome with us? It's like she BI-polar!
by LovelyBurlesque March 23, 2009
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