When an individual has a condition where he/she has wild moodswings very often where they go from feeling one way to something completely different in a matter of minutes.
(bipolar) Hey mom i made some new friends at school today!
(mom) Oh what are their names?
(bipolar) Ugh! I forgot! why are asking me this? does it matter? you can stop being a fat lazy smelly hipocrit and find out yourself!
(bipolar) (goes to his/her room) WAAHAHWAHAWHAH nobody pays attention to me! why is my mom so mean!
(mom) I really shouldn't talk to him/her... ever
by Somebody who isnt here October 10, 2013
being nice at one second, then a second later being mean
girl. heyyyyy
boy. whats up

someone that is bi polar
by kaweena October 13, 2007
The weather in St. George Utah.
It's below freezing one day and then like 68 degrees the next day. The weather in St. George, Utah is bipolar.
by a;lkd February 05, 2011
A crazy girl who has wild mood swings, normally around her period time
by Anonymous to the core September 16, 2013
When you're nice one minute and mean the next. Girls use this as an excuse so no one tells them like it is.
Hey Jen
Fuck You
I'm bi polar.
Bitch no you ain't.
by Pete Jones IV April 21, 2009
Usually someone who is bi-polar is named anna; all annas are bi-polar
"hey whats up with her?"
"Her name is Anna"
"Don't you know all annas are bi-polar?"
"Oh yah i forgot"
by MyNaMeIsAnNa July 17, 2012
Something assholes use as an excuse to gain pity from their enemies and befriend them.
Asshole: Hey... I'm sorry about what happened yesterday. Im bipolar. :/
Guy: Oh, it's ok! I understand your pain.
by Discord0 March 09, 2013

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