Bipolar doesn't mean frequently changing your superficial moods (happy/sad) or having split personalities, it's a serious mental disorder in which you have periods of mania (an excited state) and depression (a low state). I'd know because my friend has it and almost committed suicide twice, so don't throw the word around like you know what it means. And no, people don't change from mania and depression in a blink of an eye. If you think you do, then you're just an emotional fuck.
Person 1: Omg, yesterday I was so happy and now I'm so depressed because my boyfriend broke up with me! I'm so bipolar!

Person 2: Kill yourself.
by nyquildreams August 06, 2013
when she says that she loves you one day and next she completely ignores you.
Yesenia: babez i love you =).. <3

Ricardo: i love you 2 babez =)..<3

Next day

Ricardo: Hi babez.. =)

Yesenia: Dont talk to me anymore.. >:(

Ricardo: Wtf She is so fuckin bi polar.
by Alejandro P February 09, 2009
Commonly used to refer to bipolar disorder, a serious psychiatric illness marked by alternating periods of extreme elation or irritability (mania) and severe depression.
Bipolar inflicts havoc on lives.
by Doc_B April 17, 2015
A roller coaster of emotions but at the end of it all you just want to throw up.
Chick: Since you're not going to talk to me...I'm going to send you a message...because i know even if you don't write back which you probably won't that you at least will read this. I know you're not off line so whatever. I'm just saying.

Guy: (stares at computer screen)

Chick: You could be a man and talk to me. But no...instead you just run away from everything. Like blocking me out of your life...and not talking to me. Fine delete me out of your life like you're probably going to...
Its not like you talk to me any ways. I'm sorry I was being a bitch and made this day worse for you...i was just in a mood...i have really bad bipolar I'm sorry.

i miss you.i love you.

...please still talk to me...i miss getting letters from you,we should start being pen pals again...i'm really sorry please don't hate me =

i'm really really sorry...i just want to be friends that's all i want.i'm sorry...i love everything about you,i like how you think and talk its different than most people you really care about things unlike most guys, and i really like're a great guy.

i'm sorry...i miss you.
by thatgreengentlemen November 04, 2009
One minute you're riding an emotional rainbow generated by the laughter of unicorns that fart skittles and the next minute you fall straight into the pitch-black pits of depression where dementors feast on your soul only to be rescued a half hour later by Old Saint Nicholas brandishing a chimney bazooka that shoots confetti.

Bipolar Reaction: I JUST WON THE LOTTERY! Now I'm going to go cry myself to sleep in a corner until death takes me...
by Dexter11233 May 02, 2011
Riss and Jason's relationship
Riss: "I love you"
Jason: " I love you"
(2 min later)
Jason: "what the fuck is wrong with you"
Riss: "stop being a dick "
(Bipolar relationships at its finest)
by The Grapeist117 January 15, 2015
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