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a term for someone with bipolar disorder or manic-depressive illness, a mood disorder characterized by periods of depression including:

-persistent sadness
-low energy
-suicidal thoughts

as well as periods of mania in bipolar I disorder, or hypomania (a less extreme form) in bipolar II disorder. Symptoms of hypomania include:

-grandiose ideas
-racing thoughts
-reckless overindulgence
-high energy/decreased need for sleep

When hypomania escalates into mania, symptoms include:

-incomprehensibly fast thoughts/speech
-dangerously impulsive behavior
-possible psychosis

Contrary to popular belief, most people with bipolar disorder are not constantly fluctuating between extremes. They may experience normal moods for extended periods of time, and a single mood episode tends to last for a few weeks, though mania can quickly become depression and vice versa.

Another common misconception is that bipolar disorder is like depression, but with the bonus of hypomania. Depressive symptoms are equally severe in bipolar I and II disorders, but for people with bipolar I disorder, mania is at least as dangerous and frightening as depression.

Even for those people who experience relatively harmless highs, depression tends to immediately follow hypomania. Whereas major depression can be treated with therapy (as well as medication) and possibly never recur, there is no cure for bipolar disorder and therapy is of limited use. Bipolar disorder has a strong genetic basis and is usually found in families.

People with bipolar disorder are often stereotyped as screw-ups, drug addicts, etc. There is a strong link between bipolar disorder and substance abuse, but many people either recover from or avoid these problems altogether and lead relatively normal, responsible lives.

Your girlfriend when she is mad at you = not bipolar

Anyone bitchy or randomly moody = probably not bipolar
The Rilo Kiley song "A Better Son/Daughter" is often thought to be about bipolar disorder:

And sometimes when you're on, you're really fucking on
And your friends, they sing along and they love you
But the lows are so extreme that the good seems fucking cheap
And it teases you for weeks in its absence
by jasmocha October 15, 2006
Bipolar is when a person feels mood swings constantly. They have no control over it even when they take medication. Most medication Bipolar People take is Lithium, Lithium makes kids/adults with bipolar not vary mood swingy at all. It makes them think normal, but that doesent mean that it will make them alright when they take it.

Basically i have bipolar and its not the lite kind. Kids who deal with bipolar often get angry and sad. When barely anyone talks to them they become vary depressed and suicidal. It can even be bigger than that, if a kid you know has bipolar and his family is a rough family(abusive,mean, not understanding of how he is). It's best to give him support and let that kid know your for him to talk to before he thinks suicide is that kids only way out to happyness.

Usually Bipolar kids run on there emotions alot, the usual emotions that a kid feels once he is hit or hurt emotiomally he will feel some of these emotions or most depending on what level your kid was diogonised with Bipolar.

2.Thinking he is alone
3.Everything is his fault
4.That people will leave him

There is nothing to cure bipolar at all yet, but if anyone asks what bipolar is, really its when you feel happy one moment and then sad the next. Usually some kids with bipolar will also have Anxiety and Paranoia. But you can tell sometimes if they have that.
Parent: Your just pathetic.
Bipolar kid doesent say anything but feels like hes worthless.
by The Undertaker April 15, 2006
People who are NORMAL, but just happen to get times when they feel unstoppable and other times when they feel down in the dumps. They are not FREAKS! They are not PSYCHOS!
Me- I'm bipolar and I am still a normal person and am not crazy!
by Raliah March 29, 2008
when she says that she loves you one day and next she completely ignores you.
Yesenia: babez i love you =).. <3

Ricardo: i love you 2 babez =)..<3

Next day

Ricardo: Hi babez.. =)

Yesenia: Dont talk to me anymore.. >:(

Ricardo: Wtf She is so fuckin bi polar.
by Alejandro P February 09, 2009
bi polar is a disorder in which the person has mood swings so hard that it can intterruppt daily life. These mood swings can last for days, weeks, months, and even years.
Shannon:*happily* Brb smoke break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shannon:* 5 mins later* *pissed* F*** you amber.. just leave me alone
Amber: ok Shannon.. you're more bi polar than Mrs. Spears
by MichelleCartrett February 05, 2008
Don't get it twisted; its a bear that goes both ways
Donnie: I heard she's bipolar.
Huggy Lowdown: what's that, a bear that goes both ways?
by ac degrees November 20, 2004
Before: ^_^ <3

After: <^>(-__-)<^>
Bi polar smiley :D:
by I'manonymous! September 09, 2010