An extremely boring class that is required in both high school and college. The class consists of boring ass lectures that you won't give a shit about, unless you plan on majoring in biology. The teachers are usually dickweeds/wads, and assign a shit ton of homework.
I should be studying for my biology exam on Monday. Fuck that, it's too boring!
by Architecture Major October 17, 2010
an unusual process in which a collection of highly organized atoms try to figure out how they themselves work
Isn't it weird that atoms can contemplate their own existence?Think about it. Biology is fucking weird.
by o'haquille sneal December 28, 2011
The worse subject in the world ever.
Simple as.

Techincally, it's the study of life, except it makes life harder than it needs to be, which makes sense really.
Biology sucks.

I have loads of Biology homework to do, so I can't have any kind of life.

My brother wants to be a biology teacher. We must kill him.
by McFallOutBoy February 20, 2010
The world's most evil science. The so called study of life. Is actually a breakaway sect which originally practised Satanism but found that to be too righteous. Biology was created so that those hardcore Satanists could have a morally free and corrupt society in which they could also use Science.
1. I have Biology classes next. I believe I will be sacrificed to the one eyed demon Biology god.
2. A Biology camp is the most efficient and sadistic form of torture.
3. Emos who do Biology are so traumatised they stop self harming and become functional members of society.
by DocRocco August 20, 2008
the most horrible class in the world
i hate biology
by IHaveAStub April 30, 2004
me shooting myself in the face with biology.
by magicman908 September 19, 2012
A type of science in which it's impossible to like every single goddamn sub-subject there is in biology.
Biology is the study of life? More like study of "how to get an A in the class in this shithole."

Fuck genetics, therefore, fuck Mendel.

I love cell respiration. Therefore, fuck Mendel.

I love protein synthesis. Therefore, fuck Mendel.

I love every subject in biology except genetics. Therefore, fuck Mendel.

I got a 6 As and 1 B in Biology because of the genetics test. Therefore, FUCK MENDEL.
by melvin72091111 October 28, 2009
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