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BioWhore - noun. adj. A biowhore is a biology teacher, one of which is present in all schools across the country as part of the Biowhore Trade Union Act 1969
Known for the temperamental btichy and slutty attitude, they are said the be the most hated teachers within the Teacher Union, hence theyre rejection Union formation
also known as Bucket fanny

Miss Clark from jh, Mrs Selzer from cc, Mrs Tate from ccc, Mrs Upton from ccc. All classic examples of bio whores
by Mr Spliffy March 14, 2007
A female premed biology major at a competitive university. Known for taking needlessly detailed and irrelevant notes, studying for hours on end (often focusing on minute details) and complaining non-stop in their neverending quest for an A. Usually of no higher than average intelligence, yet determined to make it to med school. Can be heard discussing schoolwork at all times of the day. Will get completely trashed following a test and hook up with anything that moves.
Average Student: Want to go party Friday night?
Biowhore: NO!!! Don't you know there's an organic chemistry test in two weeks?

Dude 1: We've got to go out tonight, after that killer orgo test this week the biowhores will be all over us!
Dude 2: Oh yeah, I'm getting me a biowhore!
by dspwu December 11, 2008
A woman who gives birth to children but is not a good mother to them. She usually cheated on her husband, causing a divorce & uprooting her kids. She cries only for herself & is very selfish. She looks & acts trashy but thinks herself to be sophisticated. She also isn't very intelligent, but again thinks she is. She has drastic mood swings & usually a psychiatric history that she keeps hidden from her boyfriends. She displays either bipolar, narcissistic or borderline tendencies and craves attention. She does not care for her kids as a mother should & is more concerned with her men, career, etc. She has brief moments of reality when confronted when she feels remorse (for herself only) but quickly goes back to her self-destructive ways. She exposes her children to bad men telling the kids to trust them and frequently puts the kids in situations where they get hurt (both physically & emotionally). She may or may not have a history of child services investigating her for allegations of neglect or abuse. Sometimes the kids have people that care about them (a good father, stepmum, friend or grandparent) but in any case the biological mother is not worthy of the title. She gave birth but is not a mother. Therefore she is deemed: biowhore
"She shouldn't have those kids. They would be better of with a family member. And that guy she's with! What a biowhore"
"She slept with her friend's husband?! Doesn't surprise me. No wonder her husband left her - serves her right. I know she doesn't even brush her kids hair. I hate biowhores like her!"
by Rolanda April 06, 2008
One who insists on wasting their life studying the worthless subject of Biology.
Also- One who is ignorant enough not to realize we were all created by the merciful Flying Spaghetti Monster and should all follow the noodly path to righteousness.
Activities of a biowhore include: studying biology, denying that biology is useless, and disgracing all of science by claiming to be scientists. Biowhores have no intellectual ability and would rather memorize worthless information instead of spending their time studying things that make sense like physics and math.
"Dude Yaniv has been studying bio for like three days straight...WHAT A BIOWHORE!!!"

"What do you mean you're only good at memorizing?... What are you some kind of biowhore?"
by Skcusy Goloib September 23, 2007

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