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When you score a huskey bag of weed
" I got 3oz of weed i got my self a bingo bag!"

" when I saw the bundle of weed i screemed BINGO BAG"
by Fck The World January 02, 2008
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Jamaican dance hall slang for large granny panties. Bingo bags are frowned upon in Jamaica where men insist it is an enormous turn off.
Partial lyrics from Lovindeer - Panty Size

One time me used to have a pen pal,
A very well educated gal,
We write each other for a year and a half,
Still she no send me no photograph,
So one day me pay her a little visit,
She wasn't at home so me wait a bit,
Round the back to kill some time,
There was a laundry on the line,
Right beside the blouse and the rag,
I man buck up on a bingo bag!


Me no want, me no want no girl in a bingo bag.
Me no want, me no want no girl in a bingo bag.

by bobs_bark July 09, 2013

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