Sexual mingling or the act of successfully hitting a baseball in order to reach base safely.
It is impossible to bingle with a Campo girl, they are embarrasing.

I tried to bingle last weekend after prom, but I went with a Campo girl so I didn't reach any base. In fact I struck out.

This weekend I batted 3/4 in bingles. But not with junior Campo girls, only sophs and seniors.
by Mrs. Hebert June 07, 2004
Top Definition
money, usually 1s

made from combing single with bills.
yo dude just throw me some bingles for the case and we'll be even.
by CrispyC July 01, 2009
A car crash. Used in eastern-states Australia.
"Heard you got into a bit of a bingle the other day."
"Yes, I did. Luckily, only three of her kids died."
by Black-Velvet November 18, 2008
The act of poking another's bumhole (over pants) with your finger, while exclaiming 'bingle'!
Lisa said "Ouch my bum hurts" after Beck bingled her.
by Rob Stageber November 12, 2006
one single ticket issued by a police officer on night shift
Dude, was on my way home and got pulled over. Cop gave me a bingle.
by RollingRocks?? November 24, 2013
The taint area of a midget.
Midgets are slippery little fuckers. The only way to really hold them is to grab them by the bingle.
by Bo-Rat July 21, 2014
A combination of the words "butt" and "tingle". The sensation felt when needing to defecate but either choosing or being forced to hold it.
I waited in line at the bathroom so long I started to get that bingle feeling.
by Juanita Marie June 21, 2009
an abnormally small penis.
'wow that boy has a bingle..'
by clockmaz March 18, 2009
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