A word to describe an apartment gym. Usually smells of curry and has high concentration of sweat in the air. Also the gym lacks any usefull equipment.
"Man are you going to the real gym tonight or just going to hit up the Bing Bong gym?"
by Chicago447 June 04, 2009
to play video poker, usually tweaked out,
derived from the sound the machine makes while playing
We got high and decided to play some bing bong.
by Jose M May 27, 2006
Anal Sex. Giving it to someone up the used food tube.
That bitch loved bing bong.

I bing bonged her all night.
by Louise Manwhore March 24, 2006
Lethal chess taunt.
"BING BONG! checkmate."
by AC Stoner April 20, 2009
\BI-ing-boh-ng\ Noun, Adjective, Verb, Awesome
1. An accurate description of any (one) person that is of Chinese heritage. 2. A description of anything created, made, produced, manufactured, or constructed in China. 3. Reference to slavery, child labor, and sweat shops. Also see China.
4. A fail-safe method to communicating to lesser life forms in their language without incurring their wrath. 5. Natally
1. "Hi Bing Bong!"
2. "Oh crap my car engine exploded!"
"Wow that's really Bing Bong,"
3. "Mom, wheres my sister?"
"Oh, she's bing bong now,"
"O, lol,"
5. "Hi Bing Bong!"
by Smeet October 02, 2006
Exclamatory phrase used in response to seeing somebody do or say something that is ridiculously homosexual.
Chris: Wow. Look at those guys skipping in the park singing 'Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go'!
by FrankTank March 04, 2005
An exclamation used when accomplishing something or in contrast used when you royally fuck something up.
Dude, you just punched that chick in the face. Bing Bong!
by WiddelyWiddelyWongItsBingBong April 06, 2009

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