An individual, generally male that defecates in his tent
Dude, everytime we go camping you bingbong!
by Dusty Baker May 08, 2006
Another name for a belly button.
I'm thinking about getting my bing bong pierced
by Glorifizieren October 25, 2014
The game where one person shouts "BING!" with something in their hand, then the first person to shout "BONG!" gets to keep the object that was in the 1st persons hand!
Ashleigh *with chocolate bar in hand*: BING!
Elsie: BONG!

Ashleigh: Here's the bar!
Bing-Bong Game :)
by BLAHBLAHCHICK123 August 01, 2012

A complete and utter dumbass. One who acts without a single thought on what he is about to do. He is often influenced by stubbornness or cockiness.
Mike thinks he's the shit, so he acts like a total bing bong.
by wrstl May 17, 2011
a woman's breasts.
Yo man, check out the bing bongs on her!
by bingbongfan222 June 04, 2009
When you are completely bouncing off the walls, like you pounded 6 red bulls or snorted a bunch of marching powder but it is ALL NATURAL, not substance induced. Bing bong bing bong bing bong bing bong bing bong
"Bing bong bing bong bing bong bing bong bing bong! I feel AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
by Princess Pony Pants November 08, 2011
what you say to call people out when they say something politically incorrect. bing-bong is an expletive and a verb. you can 'Bing-bong' sexism, gayism (homophobia), racism, classism, speciesism, or any other -ism. the 'bing-bong' often called out loudly, sounds like a doorbell (like ding-dong) with the Bing at a higher pitch than the bong. 'bing-bong' is said directly after the inappropriate joke or comment, often interrupting the sentence, but it can also wait until after the thought is finished.
kid 1, "you throw like a girl"

kid 2, "Bing-Bong!"
by zizzelicks July 13, 2011

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