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The game played by stoners where the person who gets the answer wins the joint. If everyone ses the answer AT THE SAME TIME,then another 'question' is asked until a clear winner is chosen.
Gareth: Bing
John, Daryl, Alex: BONG
*Gareth thinks*
Gareth: Pulp
*Johns gets the joint*
by Mr.Blackman March 31, 2005

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A game with no winners that only guys are allowed to play with their friends. You say bing when you see a hot girl and bong when you see a not hot girl.
TJ: "Lets play the bing bong game."
John: "Ok, bing!"
TJ: "No, that was a bong." "Quick, bing at 12 oclock!"
John: "Yupp, definite bing."
by Jakkie Blakkie November 07, 2010