A drunken combination of the words 'bitch' and 'bint'. First hatched in a small Somerset village in order to describe a public house landlady.
'Ann is a hun hunchback binch!'
by Ben Cornelius May 04, 2006
binch (bin ch) - more than a bunch
"I have a binch of shit to do."
by Regier May 03, 2004
A person place or thing (a noun) who wants to be my bitch!!!
Ur mom is a binch!
by Philix September 01, 2003
I was there for the creation of the word binch and take all credit for what it has become today. The word binch has many meanings depending on the context. Usually it refers to a person or thing. Don't get it confused with the word bitch. They're totally different.
"what a binch!" "Schuster was being such a binch the other day." "Hey what's up binches!" "Wow, i'm having one binch of a day." "This binch won't work." "Life's a binch, and then u marry one."
by Binch Merkin April 08, 2004
When you accidentally pinch your ball when going for a scratch.
Yo nigga I went to scratch my ball and I just fuckin binched myself!
by Meowm1x December 23, 2014

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