Short for Boob Inch, a binch is the measurement of the distance between a woman's or man's nipples.
Sandra's binch is nearly 14 inches.
by Chris Chico February 08, 2008
A combination of words: butt, and pinch. Used as a tool of measurement to determine the length of a bowel movement.
Guy 1: Are you okay in there? You've been on the John for 40 minutes!

Guy 2: I'm okay dude its just a biggin.

Guy 1: How big?

Guy 2: 12 binch's!
by J.P. The Last Brave Bishop February 10, 2009
A Binch is a mixture of a Wench + a Bitch, henceforth you get Binch.
Your being such a Binch today Sarah.
by Konis November 30, 2007
A drunken combination of the words 'bitch' and 'bint'. First hatched in a small Somerset village in order to describe a public house landlady.
'Ann is a hun hunchback binch!'
by Ben Cornelius May 04, 2006
To beat someone within and inch of their life
Don't you dare, or I'll binch you!
by Rach227 March 20, 2011
A bitch around Christmas time.
Great staff Christmas party, huh?
Yeah, too bad the waitress was such a binch.
by weaver21 June 17, 2009
eating breakfast and lunch at the same time and bitching about it
Get me some damn Binch !!!!!
by NoPouties July 25, 2010

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