A mixture of a "bit" and a "bunch".

a medium sized portion of something.
"Hey man, could I have a binch of your fries?"
"Yeah, sure man."
by Sly Birise August 12, 2009
Top Definition
What you call someone when you don't want to say the B-word.
Person 1:You are such a binch!
Person 2:What?
Person 1:Oh, don't act like you don't know.
by I-am-a-zombie January 25, 2011
French slang for beer.
See bibine, binouze, rebiè, mousse, cervoise...
"T'as d'la binch au frais?"
by ElieG February 05, 2007
another way of saying "bitch"
"Shut Up Binch" - popular youtube comment
by sashagrey May 03, 2015
The word Binch is an insult, it is a combination of the words Bint and bitch, it was created when sitting on a bench near a swimming pool.
"Oh my god you're such a binch!"
by Chanatella July 31, 2009
A New Zealand word meaning bench, meaning worktop or side. The obvious misspelling is due to the bastardisation of the English language by our Southern Hemispherian cousins. (i.e. all vowels are pronounced "i")

See also
"stip" - as in "witch you stip"
"wibsit" - as in "check out my new wibsit at www.kiwi.com"
"pincil" - as in "I've git ni lid in mi pincil"
Nicole: "I lift your tii in the binch in the kitchin"
by MattyH January 24, 2008
A contemporary piece of street furniture where a bin has cunningly been combined with a bench.
Check out the hot binch.
by jameshjamesh December 05, 2008

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