In urban cities, predominantly in the united states, it is a term used to describe a gun. The AK-47 of course!
Someone was letting the bin laden off outside the club last night!
by nakoa May 15, 2006
in urban areas threw out the the united states bin laden is another term used to desribe an AK-47
Son was popping his trunk at the club to get the bin laden out.
by nakoa May 23, 2006
Not a nice man/person with strange beard.
oi u Bin Laden, go get a hair cut.
My name's Osama Bin Laden, i did a shit in the garden,
a number 2, not on the loo,
i did a great big poo.

I used quick shit remover, and scrubed it with the hoover,
but still the smell wont go to hell,
so then my hopes all fell.

I stuck it in the garden, so that it would harden,
after that it ate the cat,
and then it became fat.
by Bobby Lad October 04, 2006
When playing golf, your shot goes right into the sand.
I think you're to the right of the green, and if I'm not mistaken, you're bin laden.
by pm13 July 26, 2005
Strain of marijuana. Usually light christmas tree color of green with (possibly) some crystals or lite white frost effect to it. Origins are actually from canada!
Yo man i lit up some bin laden last night! It was some bomb ass shit!
by Aaron .S. February 18, 2006
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