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To leave, to be out, to peace out, to bounce. Outi.
Tonight was poppin, imma bimbs. Holla atchu later.
by Lammar Rowe May 11, 2007
a addressal note to woman in teasing or insulting way. sort to indicate they are like prost who can do everything for money. Alternately, a woman who doesn't have mind.
Rashmi is a glorified bimb
by Navneet Garg February 28, 2007
The word "pimp" where both instances of the letter 'p' are inverted vertically. Usually occurs when the speaker is drunk and speaking from text, or alternatively if the speaker is suffering from dyslexia.
"Excuse me, your resume says that you worked as a bimb last summer, can you explain what your job was?"
by Nikkun December 03, 2007