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1. A mini-van; usually as a means of conveyance for middle- or high-school aged blonde females to and from soccer practice, junior proms, etc. Origin: Neal Stephenson's novel Snowcrash- perhaps a pun on bento-box (a Japanese lunch box pre-packed with nutritious goodies).
2. Any vehicle driven by a soccermom.
"This huge bimbo-box cut in front of my ride and I couldn't see anything."
"Look out! Sally's drivin' her mom's bimbo-box."
"The enviornment can't afford any more freakin' bimbo-boxes."
by gabe February 09, 2005
A vehicle, typically from a luxury marque such as Lexus or Mercedes, based on a car chassis, but presented as a utility vehicle. It complete lacks any off-road prowess. Typically driven by wealthy spouses and mistresses. The driver will frequently be on a cell phone while operating the vehicle.
That bitch on the phone in her bimbo box almost ran me off the road!
by cretinx February 03, 2009
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