an indian guy named suneil, who loves to act smart but is far from that. he loves his blonde curly locks..where he can twirl them between his finger tips. You can often find him singing the words to "a diva is a female version of a hustler. . "

he only responds to bam bam, bambi, diva, divalicious, nevel, and dorkis malorkis. he looks up to his queen bee...otherwise known as his best pa ever.
indian guy that acts like a girl and often referred as a bimbo.
by queenbee123ya December 29, 2009
Narcotic that attracts black people.
Dude: Watch the bimbo!
Black dude: Where? *almost falls from the side of trash truck where he is hanging*
by FragMan! February 05, 2008
A beautiful woman. Someone smart and sophisticated.
Can also be used as a term of affection.
Boy....that Kelly sure is one bimbo!
by Webster_Dictionary February 29, 2008

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