A derogatory term for a stupid, vapid, yet physically attractive woman that has nothing else to offer but her body for meaningless sex.
Natasha said to her boyfriend "If all you want is a bimbo, instead of a woman with a brain who loves you, don't let the door hit you in the ass".
by asenath7766 August 13, 2013
A often blonde dyed, stupid girl, who acts like she's five but is still 'popular'. They were more than average make up, and a heck lot of brown cream. They are often white sluts and are a bit more than average (that's one type) though some may be poor.

Fjortis (Plural, more of them) Fjortisar
In Sweden there is a sub-genre for Bimbo's, Fjortis which is almost the same, though that they do not like themselves being called bimboes. Their clothes can vary from somewhat casual-looking clothes to sporty-adidas shirts, but they really don't play any sport... They just like the clothes. In Sweden though, some of the Fjortisar are Arabs, which are a bit less and act more 'bitchy' which in itself is a subgenre from fjortisar.

Bimboes usually only hangout with eachother, and all do the same things as eachother. They usually all likes 3-4 guys and no-one else but them. And when they brake up the girls says something which is as stupid and unlogical as creationism: "I ALWAYS HATED YOU ANYWAYS, OH WAIT IM GONNA SOOO TELL YOUR SECRET NOW, ABOUT HOW YOU STILL USE DIAPERS!!". Unfortunately, this isn't true. Either way he did tell her a secret, but usually, these bitchy bimboes just make up lies. In some cases, the bimbo just changes subject to make the victim feel more unsure. So she says:
Bimbo: Oh and remember you are in love with Tinisa and you bought a star wars comic!!
Joe: We aren't even talking about that, we were talking about that I accidentally bumped into you. And you got pissed.
Bimbo: Don't tell me what to doeee, bitch! And you watched My litte pony I saw it!!
Joe: I am not going anywhere, it's not possible to talk to someone less than 20 IQ. -_-

Fjortis example:

And that keeps going on forever, when a girl says her picture on Facebook is ugly and then that's the response... lol
by TheWordmaster May 10, 2012
A stupid girl who gets all excited and screws her boyfriend just because he published her name on Urban Dictionary and let the whole world know how awesome he thinks she is or what a good ride he thinks she is.
Mel Sinclair is such a bimbo. She doesn't realise that when her boyfriend published on Urban Dictionary that she was a good fuck it will stay there forever and haunt her till the day she dies.
by Goth Doll December 16, 2015
The bear on the Bimbo Bread Company logo. The Mexican Dough Boy.
Do you know who Bimbo is?
Yeah the bear from that bread company.
by Suck Mike Hawk October 16, 2013
By definition, an unintelligent and idiotic young woman whom is very attractive and beautiful and is percieved as a willing sex object.
There are lots of big-tits bimbos everywhere. You just have to look hard enough. Pun intended.
by colio177 October 02, 2015
An undignified woman.
Even though I may seem like a bimbo, I do try hard and therefore am not.
by Enrique Wilson February 15, 2015
A girl who is stupid, wears lots of make up and is obsessed with boys and clothes. Generally blonde but there are exceptions. Usually hang around i with other bimbos. You can spot them because they will be the big group of girls that all look the same and are giggling hysterically.
That girl Kiana is such a bimbo. She is always giggling at everything.
by 112233445544332211 December 08, 2014

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