all bimbos are heterosexual, and theyre all a female stereotype. girls that use their feminity to get attention and get by in life. they dont use thinking. it is against their image. they have to be and look simple-minded to truly be a bimbo. and lots of males find that attractive. they like little bitch girls who do not think. theyre nicer, they dont cause shit, they just sit their with their girly hairdo and makeup and never say anything important. just someone a male can fuck, someone who can serve a male, someone who pretty much leaves our society in the condition it's in. and these people have babies and fill our country with dumbness. they like laughing, they like to dance in a cute way to a song to show how cute they are, they are usually quiet, but sometimes loud when they're laughing or being a bitch in an extremely weak, stupid way, and sure they talk like all humans do, but what they talk about is never serious or important. . . they usually have high voices but don't have to. they have very annoying voices and laughs. they actually don't have to be like "claire" in the breakfast club. . . they don't have to be that pretty and stylish. some of them look really bad if you actually look closely enough. . . you can see the make up line on their faces, where it is a totally different color than their skin.
"What are you drinking?"

"A long island iced tea."

(Bimbos like those because they're expensive and sweet and make you drunk. They would rather drink those than beer or whiskey).


(loud, annoying, feminine laughing)
by Courtney #12 June 01, 2010
The "popular" girls. These should be avoided at all costs, as they are not your friends unless they want something.
Male versions do exist, they are pretty bois with a bad attitude, who spend more time infront of the mirror than most.
you know who the bimbos are. the ones that bully you. or try. either way, dont stand for it!
by Pitstop March 14, 2007
A woman who hides insecurity with overtly sexual behavior. Flits from sexual partner to partner like a butterfly to flowers. Completely artificial and vapid.
My ex-girlfriend is a major bimbo. I'm better of without her.
by Luciella May 17, 2010
The word bimbo may have 3 different definitions:
1. particularly dumb woman obsessed with shopping, make up and even dumber boys.

2. Mexican bread brand

3. BEWARE OF THIS WORD IN ITALY, because it means child/baby.
1. Sheila just got a new pink outfit and goes around bragging...what a bimbo!

2. May I have some Bimbo bread?

3. Oh, che bel bimbo! Quanti anni ha?
(Aw, what a cute baby you have here! How old is he/she?
by Hypernova90 March 07, 2011
A very unsmart blonde, with giant tits
My dads wife is a bimbo
by Starr Fire May 11, 2010
An attractive, yet stupid woman. Usually blonde. A very willing sex object.
That bimbo Lori must have slept her way into her job. She certainly isn't smart enough to have earned it.
by Conchess January 06, 2015
A word no Italian of sound mind would write as a porn search...
...'cause bimbo means just that: a kid.
Stop talking about bimbos: you sound like a fucking pedophile!

Americans are creepy: look at how many of them search for the word "bimbo" on Google...
by Jacob_Sterlov May 13, 2014

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