an attractive woman under the age of 40 - usually white who is not overweight and has large or medium-sized breasts. is often considered to be loose and dumb because of her physical appearence.
There are a lot of bimbos out there, because of early puberty.
by K Joyce August 21, 2007
The "popular" girls. These should be avoided at all costs, as they are not your friends unless they want something.
Male versions do exist, they are pretty bois with a bad attitude, who spend more time infront of the mirror than most.
you know who the bimbos are. the ones that bully you. or try. either way, dont stand for it!
by Pitstop March 14, 2007
A woman who hides insecurity with overtly sexual behavior. Flits from sexual partner to partner like a butterfly to flowers. Completely artificial and vapid.
My ex-girlfriend is a major bimbo. I'm better of without her.
by Luciella May 17, 2010
The word bimbo may have 3 different definitions:
1. particularly dumb woman obsessed with shopping, make up and even dumber boys.

2. Mexican bread brand

3. BEWARE OF THIS WORD IN ITALY, because it means child/baby.
1. Sheila just got a new pink outfit and goes around bragging...what a bimbo!

2. May I have some Bimbo bread?

3. Oh, che bel bimbo! Quanti anni ha?
(Aw, what a cute baby you have here! How old is he/she?
by Hypernova90 March 07, 2011
A word no Italian of sound mind would write as a porn search...
...'cause bimbo means just that: a kid.
Stop talking about bimbos: you sound like a fucking pedophile!

Americans are creepy: look at how many of them search for the word "bimbo" on Google...
by Jacob_Sterlov May 13, 2014
A derogatory term for a stupid, vapid, yet physically attractive woman that has nothing else to offer but her body for meaningless sex.
Natasha said to her boyfriend "If all you want is a bimbo, instead of a woman with a brain who loves you, don't let the door hit you in the ass".
by asenath7766 August 13, 2013
A very unsmart blonde, with giant tits
My dads wife is a bimbo
by Starr Fire May 11, 2010

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