a slutty whore who blows everything that walks.
The bimbo is fucking the grasshopper.
by Nico H. February 29, 2008
a physically attractive but unintelligent woman
example of a Bimbo: Paris Hilton
by kittycatcuti January 30, 2010
Megan Fox
Megan Fox is a Bimbo
by AnonymousDurhamStudent August 02, 2009
A woman who is too ugly to be a supermodel, too dumb to be an actress and too nasty to be a poisonous snake.
Omg did you see Crystal walk into the glass door, what a bimbo!
by aussie_babee December 12, 2009
1. A stupid, sexually careless girl or young woman, usually but not always blonde, and usually but not always big-titted. Not as promiscuous as a slut. If a bimbo sleeps with a guy she just met, it's just because she's too stupid to realize she's cheating on her boyfriend.
2. A slutty or slutty-looking teenage girl.
1. Jennifer: Jessica, you're such a stupid slut!
Jessica: I am not a slut! I've only fucked 9 guys. I'm just a stupid bimbo!
2. Debbie is a 15 year old little blonde bimbo.
by Slutlover123 October 14, 2008
An uneducated female. Typically blonde but sometimes not. Makes dumb remarks that really no one cares, and laughs like shes just swallowed a whole balloon of helium. Wears way too much makeup, and talks really fast. Usually humongous sluts. BEWARE! They travel in packs of 2 and 3.
Tommy: That girl is so dumb.
Timmy: Oh I know, she's a total bimbo.
by l0ZER_fACE[X0] May 04, 2009
an attractive woman under the age of 40 - usually white who is not overweight and has large or medium-sized breasts. is often considered to be loose and dumb because of her physical appearence.
There are a lot of bimbos out there, because of early puberty.
by K Joyce August 21, 2007

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