The hottest man alive plays the gutair better than anything and more inportant he my man!!1 I live for Billy thats aer slogan
by Kimbra August 15, 2003
A former manager of the New York Yankees. Martin was hired and fired five times throughout his career. He was killed in a car accident shortly before he was to be hired as manager for a sixth time.
"All I know is, I pass people on the street these days, and they don't know whether to say hello or to say good-bye." - Billy Martin
by David Green July 30, 2004
The lead guitarist for the girl pop band Shitty Charlotte. He sucks at playing guitar and looks like a skeleton. You preppu teeenage girls really need to shut the fuck up because playing 2 power chords is not talent, and he does not look "OMFGZ SUPEAR HOTZ". For talented guitarists, listen to bands like Children of Bodom and Lamb of God.
I hate Billy Martin and all the preppy teenage girls/teenyboppers who go around in groups talking about how "OMFGZ.GNJK SUPER HOTZ" he is. He has no talent, and he looks like a walking skeleton.
by Chelsea Elsendor August 01, 2005
(Billyus martinus genderless) A weird creature usually found with teeny band Good Charlotte. It is unknown what gender he is, and our scientists are still finding the answer.
See Michelle the Pirate's examples.
by starlight_queen777 July 12, 2005
Mediocre "goth" guitarist, who resembles Meryl Streep's skeleton. Performs with pop band, Good Charlotte. Looks very odd indeed. He wears more make up than me, but always boasts his manliness. His body is covered in Nightmare Before Christmas scribbles and other "cult-yet-trendy" flashwork. Saddo.
Don't tell anyone but... I think billy is immortal.
Billy certainly is anorexic.
Eat a sandwhich!
Errr... what gender is Billy anyway?
If Billy goes any further into the closet we will have to start calling him Aslan!
Maybe he's born with it, maybe it's maybelline.

"OMG i just seen his girlf, wot a butter face. Billy have me! I can suck your willy, better than her" -Average Billy Fan.
by Michelle The Pirate July 10, 2004
Billy Martin is in love with a girl named stephanie and they are going to create a race of hybrid hamster babies to take over the world.
Ahh watch out, Billy Martins hamster babies is going to eat you!
by Stephanie November 14, 2004
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