You can put anyone under this name if they:

1) are total assholes.

2) are immune to other peoples feelings
3) try to be cool but they're really not
4) goes with the crowd and is never EVER individualistic
5) date someone right after dumping their girlfriend
6) never talk to you in person, only through texts
7) never go out of their way to talk to you or see you
8) dump their girlfriend through a text message
9) are "into drugs" because it's the cool thing to do
10) will do anything to be popular
11) are really short
12) relate to the saying "talk is cheap"
13) are really stupid
Ashley: "That short kid over there keeps talking about how pot heads are so cool, only he doesn't smoke..."
Emily: "His name must be Billy"

Jeremy: "hahahaha I'm so drunk!"
Natalie: "Me too!"
Jacob: "haven't we all been there?"
Everyone: "hahahhaha"
Billy: *I've never been drunk but i'm going to act like it because i'm so cool* "hahahhahahaha"

Rebecca: "I'm so glad I'm not Billy he's such a loser"
by billysucks August 12, 2010
a big ferocious thief who is commonly known for stealing only from friends common misdemeanor is the stealing of any axe products

watch out
"did you hear what billy did?"


"he went to joeys and stole his axe shampoo"

"what a RAT"
by blindkid11 March 01, 2010
The ability to ruin any joke.
*Pav tells joke*
Billy: That doesn't even make sense, nor is it even funny.
Pav: Billy, why do you always Billy every joke I tell?
by Pav. January 10, 2008
A billionaire. And no, "billy" is not derived from Bill Gates.
Bill Gates may be a billy, but Steve Jobs is a superhero.
by RoddickRemixed October 04, 2007
Billy a.k.a mary jane another name for mrijuana is mary jane another word for mary jane is billy
As in the song billy by aeriess ent.

Im mary janeK



"U SMOKE MARY JANE THT BITCH has nxggas actin clueless but my nxgga billy got females actin rutheless I have to admit I was sprung of maryjane but no lesbo type shit so I changed the name I call him billy bily billy billy"
by miracleiscute November 24, 2009
Another name for the penis.
Put your billy away!
by Trey Smart June 25, 2007
what Gena is going to give to this guy at school that is hot as fuck and is tha most gangster nigga in the world
"Damn did you see gena givin billy a billy during class?"
by blowjobnigger August 31, 2008
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