Another word to describe money, cash, bills, or guap. Used mostly when your wallet is overflowing with big bills.
Dude dinner is on me i got straight billies in my wallet

dude i just put in 50 hours last week, my wallet is gonna be full of billies
by gettinitwet24/7 September 01, 2010
A anal pounder that licks the windows of the office while staring at forest fires. Has been know to be a switch hitter on the sexual perspective
that person is such a Billy
by forester boy December 16, 2011
Crazy as son of a bitch who kills shit with a tater rake. Not a person which you should deprive of caffeine.. seriously he might beat you with a tater rake. Other than that he is a cool dude and he has some hella awesome locks of hair.
Damn, That dude a crazy as billy over that red bull.
by Snuffalufagus March 11, 2015
the glaswegian slang name for the football team: the glasgow rangers. can also be referred to as the huns the rangers anthem 'the billy boys' was banned by UEFA in 2006 as it was seen as derogatory towards glasgow celtic football team, the tims.
ahm no a billy he's a tim!
by rlddd August 03, 2011
the term 'Billies' is short for Hillbillies. Very useful when you need to discuss without them catching on.
I'm going to Oklahoma tomorrow, there will be Billies everywhere.

by BENDERCO April 26, 2007
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