A person with a lot of swag, who always dresses fresh and stays fly.
Girl: That guy has a real Billy style.
by Davister28 June 15, 2011
A freak at skating. A Billy loves beanies knitted by his grandma and he is normally good at everything. A Billy is a brunette and has a perfect body, tanned, fit, well-built, muscular and is just pure sex appeal all over. A Billy has a amazing personality and makes the an excellent boyfriend. A Billy likes making innapropriate jokes and actions whilst in public. A Billy is extremely affectionate and will always know how to make someone smile. Billy is someone you know you want to spend the rest of your life with. Once you meet a Billy you will never want to leave him. Likes bubbles
'I saw this Billy down the street the other day'

'omg did you get his number? Make sure you don't let him get away!'
by potatooeesss July 30, 2012
An awesome guy that anyone can confide to. If you're lucky you date one. They are a big flirt. They are sweet but make dumb decisions and is usually judged by those decisions.
I know a 3 guys named Billy :)
by GAgirlXD February 02, 2013
A small chode
I have a Billy
by Patriot1776 May 27, 2015
The shortened Cockney rhyming slang for Knickers... Shortened from Billy Vickers.
I got some new Billy's for Christmas.
I'm gonna wear my sexy Billy's in case I pull.
by MissSkates January 04, 2012
A anal pounder that licks the windows of the office while staring at forest fires. Has been know to be a switch hitter on the sexual perspective
that person is such a Billy
by forester boy December 16, 2011
Another word to describe money, cash, bills, or guap. Used mostly when your wallet is overflowing with big bills.
Dude dinner is on me i got straight billies in my wallet

dude i just put in 50 hours last week, my wallet is gonna be full of billies
by gettinitwet24/7 September 01, 2010

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