Someone who appears gay, or a fairy.
Damn, did you see that dude over there, what Billy.
by dmccowan November 02, 2007
1. a big chubby DUMBO with HUMUNGO ears
2. a chubby person who is in love with asians

3. a person who thinks he can sing
4. a dumb-butt
5. an idiot who breaks their arm
guy: Hey! I'm gonna go run into that tree!
girl: Yeah, right.
guy: *runs into the tree* AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I BROKE MY F***ING ARM!!!!!!
girl: *rolls eyes* Why do you have to be such a Billy?
by your BFF's :) July 18, 2009
Shortened version of the common phrase 'Billy-no-mates'.
Used to describe someone who is a social retard and thus does not have any friends.
Usually sits at the front of the classroom and talks inanely to teachers about utter tripe in order to gain friendship.
Oi dickhead, you are such a billy
by Simon Young March 22, 2008
a kid from sachem east high school that fingers your girlfriend and thinks hes awesome

but hes really not he sucks
so what did you and billy do at the mall?
oh nothing, but at his house we made out and he fingered me.

i hate him
by ddddddduhhuh April 15, 2008
adj. 1) A person who is of the norm. 2) Nothing about this person is substantial in any way. 3) Someone who is neither cool enough to be a Mikey, nor as rejected as a Sammy.

There's too many billys at the party.
Sorry bill, this party is for Mikeys only.
by Mat Mang May 20, 2008
Used in Frank Miller's graphic novel Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, billy means wild or crazy. Another variation is billy berserk.
You're driving me all billy.

Dave went billy berserk and tore up the room.
by William Gilson August 29, 2006
One who is very little and stupid. Often resembling someone 7-10 years younger than its own age. Typically shows signs of down syndrome in its early years.
Oh crap, I think I just ran over a retarded mouse. Phew, it was just a Billy.
by David Terrell September 27, 2007

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